Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Half a Year's Accounting

What has become of the past six months?

In April, the Handsome Communard flew to Seattle, where I met him at the airport. We headed south to visit friends and family in Oregon and Northern California, and drove all the way down to Santa Cruz for Easter.

Revisiting the Little Farm, where it all began.

The Handsome Communard skips pebbles into the Pacific.

What's a West Coast road trip without a visit to my favorite tall ship?
In May, we returned together to the Grünewald Guild. Spring settled in while I was away, and my wonderful co-workers spring-cleaned the grounds in my absence. The Handsome Communard hung a few hammocks and took his place in the Guild kitchen, while I worked on more cleaning and planning for summer.

Good morning, Mariposa lily.

A hammock: just what these trees needed.

Helping hands tend the garden on a community workday.
In June we cleaned some more, hosted retreats, and took time out to visit friends in Chelan before summer classes began on the 23rd.

The Library dorm, all topsy-turvy for carpet shampooing.

Shallow, chilly lake water, seen from the bridge in downtown Chelan.

A Solstice celebration at the Guild.
By July, summer was in full swing, exuberant and exhausting. I made time for a class that encouraged wandering through the woods, both literal and spiritual. Later in the month, a week of classes was cut short by forest fires. We turned our evacuation into a vacation and had a fun couple of days in Seattle, while the firefighters held the line about five miles from the Guild campus.

A contemplative walk for the class "Drawing on the Spirit Within."

Forest fire smoke billows ominously toward the Guild.

When the sun met the smoke, it cast an eerie copper glow over everything.
By August, the fatigue of summer weighed heavily on our shoulders. We concluded our summer program with triumph and relief, said reluctant goodbyes to friends, and shifted immediately back into retreat-hosting mode... though we still made time for fun.

Beautiful final Sunday service at the Guild.

Over the course of the summer, the Handsome Communard has perfected Taco Night.

Wine-ding up August with a tasting.
In September, I drove south to Oregon to take care of some business, and squeezed in a few visits with family, friends, and their cats. A few days after my return, I headed the other way, up to Prince George, BC for a wedding. It was good to see distant friends there, but even better to get home to the Guild again. I know this may sound out of character, but... I've had my fill of road trips for a while.

Simone, making her best camera face.

Bella tries to ignore the Big Bald Kitten.

Canadians in looooove.
Now September's nearly spent. I've been working, resting, looking forward to a calmer October, and anticipating a return to a schedule with room for writing in it.


  1. "The big, bald kitten." ha ha ha

    Mariposa lilies (we call them sego lilies around here) are both beautiful and delicious.

    1. Good to know! I look forward to sampling them next spring. :)

    2. The bulbs, especially. Yum.

  2. Beautiful Photography! I especially love the photo you took of the H.C. ship!!! xoxo - Annemarie